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Riding Lessons

From novice to master equestrian, at Regent Arabians our training and equestrian education is holistic, addressing the team of horse and rider.

Regent Arabians

45 year experienced equestrian and owner of Regent Arabians Kim McKimmy is providing riding instruction and mentoring as we continue to Develop Equestrians for Life.

We have riding lessons for beginner to advanced skill each day of the week with practice riding available on select days and times.

We have mentoring programs on Saturday's & Sunday's with select weekday mentoring and availability on school vacation days, holiday and summer breaks.

Since 1972 Regent Arabians has served the Minnesota horse community and passionate horse loving people. We have ushered in life and death, prosperity and hardships yet, have persevered and become stronger and clearer in our conviction for our future and legacy.

Please contact us at 763.428.4975 to schedule a visit, riding assessment or to book a lesson or mentoring session.


About the Instructor

Kim K. McKimmy: 45 years of competitive riding experience in the local, regional and national arenas, and daughter of Doug Peterson, multiple time Equestrian Mentor of the Year winner.

We offer group, semi-private, and private lessons that are 1-hour in length.  Disciplines offered include: 

  • Western
  • Hunt
  • Dressage
  • Saddle Seat

Riding Lesson Costs are $35/1-hour for group lessons (up to 5 riders) $40/1-hour for semi-private lesssons (2 riders), and $45/1-hour for private lessons.

Requirements  All riders/parents must sign a waiver of liability, wear a helmet and shoes or boots with a heel.  Young riders must be able to understand right and left and must be able to tie their own laced shoes to be eligible to ride.

Goals for the Beginning Equestrian (Intermediate and Advanced Lessons build on this curriculum)

Ground Work

  • Identify and Name Tack of the Discipline
  • Lesson Terms of the Discipline Ridden
  • Verbal Commands
  • Hand, Seat and Leg Cues 

Rider Up

  • 1 rein stop
  • Appropriate Sitting Position for Balance
  • Whoa (2-Hands)
  • Establish forward movement
  • Turn and Change Direction

Learn and find a steady rhythm in:

  • Walk
  • Jog/Trot
  • Canter/Lope


  • Walk to halt, halt to walk
  • Walk to jog/trot, jog/trot to walk
  • Walk to canter/lope, canter/lope to walk
  • Jog/Trot to canter/lope, canter/lope to jog/trot
  • Roll back
  • Backing

Begin bending work

  • Riding a Corner
  • Riding a Large Circle (1/2 arena size)
  • Riding a Seven (7) Circle Pattern

Remember the quality of your work is most important!  Don't rush.  Do simple things well and you'll master the difficult.



Looking for a unique gift that's memorable and fun?  You've found it in a gift certificate for riding lessons at Regent Arabians.  Ideal for daughters, sons, grandkids, babysitters, nieces, nephews, boy/girl scouts(We're Horsemanship Badge Certified).  And, how about you?  Live out the dream... Purchase one or a package today! 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 763.428.4975

For Youth or Adult Riding Lessons

For Western, English or Hunt

$35 per group lesson 
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Rider Wish List

Here is a list for gift giving ideas for the beginner who is serious about their riding...

For your rider

  • Regent Arabians Gift Certificate
  • Full Head Helmet
  • Boots with a heel
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
  • Thermal lunch bag with freezer block

 For their lesson / horse

  • Grooming bag or carry-all
  • Large brush
  • Hair brush
  • Small rubber bands
  • Hoof pick
  • Polo wraps
  • Fly spray
  • Apples
  • Carrots

Need More Information?

Give us a call or drop an email for more information on our equestrian education for any age or ability.

Regent Arabians / Kim McKimmy

26125 Tucker Road
Rogers, MN 55374

Barn/Cell Phone: 763-428-4975
Equestrian Relations: 651-253-8673

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Cairos' progeny awarded honors!

Regent Cairon by Cairos+ takes 2nd place at Scottsdale show in Ladies English Side Saddle, and was received a "TOP 10" in walk trot for 10 & under on 2/12.

We are proud of our breeding program and are happy for his new owners who purchased him from Liz Johnson.


You know you have a great trainer when she gets just as excited as you over your daughters accomplishments. Thank you to Kim for the great lesson tonight! - Gretchen
I want to thank you again for making Mxx's birthday party a memorable one. You and the girls outdid yourselves and we greatly appreciate that! Mxx was on cloud 9 the entire night. All the girls planned to wear their t-shirts to school today:) We will definitely be out again.…
Our Daughter couldn't be happier with her experience here. She gets to do so much more than learn to ride. She is learning how to care for horses too. The environment is so welcoming and you are amazing with her! We love it here so Thank you for all you…
Seeing (my daughter) feel so proud of herself reminded me to count my blessings. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. - Gretchen D.
“…thank you for tonight's lesson… Seeing my granddaughter feel so proud of herself reminded me to count my blessings. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.” - Grandmother of 7 year old student

2015 Sport Horse Nationals!

We had a great showing at the 2015 Sport Horse Nationals in Raleigh NC.

The events started on Tuesday 9/15 and ran through Sunday 9/20.

  • Cairos
  • Regent Giomadre
  • Regent Momentum


Congratulations on 3 Championships, 1 Reserve Champion & 8 Region 10 Top 5 Awards!

Regent Reigns! Doug's legacy continues on.